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V for Wood on Wheels

We convert an ironing board to a workbench

Back at the workshop, I proceeded to show Sachin how to strengthen a section at a time. We attacked one complete square. First, the joints were loose, we drilled out the dowel, expanded the hole a tiny bit and drove in a larger dowel. We did this for all 4 corners and then we cut a long diagonal brace from 12mm ply and cross braced the square.

Woodworking workshop at Mohraan is ready

Woodworking workshop at Mohraan is ready

Last week, when everybody was in Mumbai, I was asked to begin the workshop and also give S and S a list of the tools, etc to provision the workshop. I'm very, very pleased with the bamboo structure that I've designed and got built. So much was learnt. Even now there are a few leaks to be plugged and tools to be sorted out. But the workshop is ready; Sachin can be taught and more importantly, he can practice. In fact the first thing that we did was repair an old Sheesam table and repurpose it as a workbench.

The workshop is now ready for anybody to come and work, learn and practice. I can imagine a few of Mohraan's guests coming in here and making some really cool projects using the resources of the farm itself and the tools that populate the workshop.

Mohraan(Adhikari Farm) week 3: Jishnu makes a microwave

Week 3 started with the re-lockdown of Mumbai. Without too much fanfare I'd like to declare that this long drawn out lockdown is the stupidest, most bone headed move possible by any administration. Moving on; Julius, much to my delight, has gotten himself stuck for the duration of the lockdown. He cannot leave the farm. Sachin and I have finilised a plan for a large workshop space. The farm certainly needs a workshop. There are a hundred 'tools' that can be created based on the many repetitive tasks that farming entails. And, I'd like to report that finally Jishnu has gotten himself a project. Albeit a minecraft project. But still, it is a project.


Viren is absolutely fun and he will rub his woodworking obsession on you. I have transformed from a hesitant and irregular hobbyist to a beginner level experimental carpenter/carver. Attend any of his classes and one is sure to make a new friend and guide for life. You can turn to him for suggestions anytime. His tips and tricks have not only helped me better my skill but has motivated me to practise more and become a patient person.

Sulochana Sharma

I spent four days learning about wood, Learning about myself, and learning about what it is to be a good teacher. Viren has this capacity that only the people who love what they do can transmit. He's passionate, and during 4 days I have been passionate by wood and I didn't want it to stop. I came to the workshop because I was curious, I left wanting more ! I hope we will be able to collaborate to create the same for the kids together. Thank you Viren, and thank you to all the wonderful people which whom I shared this moments ( please apologise for the English-french mistakes in this text)

Anne-lise Richard

Viren’s class is always pulsating with pure exhilaration and energy, never a dull moment. He encourages you and even applauds you when you make a mistake and that’s when I learnt, the hard way, never to take his adulation seriously :). And it’s because of these mistakes that I will never mistake reading the grains of wood and a lot many more concepts that couldn’t have possibly been taught better.

I intend to take up woodworking as a permanent weekend activity and I look forward to annoying Viren further more! Couldn’t have found a better teacher to introduce me to woodworking than him !

Mudita Ghia