Know your wood - Yellow Pine

Yellow pine - Yellow Pine is a very commonly available wood in the whole sale market at byculla bazzar. The pine is imported from various western countries; North America, Germany, Australia and Newzealand. The pine family itself is huge and prices vary from 600/cft to 850/cft. Pine is also commonly used for crates and pallets and the if you ask for pallet wood, this is what you will get. Infact a lot of the so called pine might actually be spruce or fir.

Solid wood, veneer or laminate - Differentiate like a pro

How do we so easily know what is laminated and veneered. I mean, hardly a look and the experienced eye will, dismiss laminates, glance once more at veneered and admire a solid wood piece.

A day at 42B

Woodworking, Carpentry, Teaching, Cleaning, Maintaining and Building. Its all in a day's work at 42B. Non workshop days are also super fun but physically taxing. I'm on my feet for a period of 12 hours. See what a typical non workshop day looks like

Screwing: All you need to know

Screws are one of the main metal fasteners used in woodworking. The other is the humble nail. But screws hold better, stronger and longer, they can also be removed for when the piece needs to be dismantled. But the screw isn't exactly simple. And to buy screws takes a certain lingo. 

Woodworking workbenches for Mumbai

I need to bring you around to the fact that your passion for woodworking, and this holds true for any hobby, must overcome all obstacles. It is possible to work, like me, out of a small 1 bhk in Mumbai. I even take classes in the bedroom. Woodworking classes only. It does require a wee bit of innovation and some logical sense to create a workbench suited to your space, your needs and your context.

Easily rip narrow strips with a circular saw

Why not clamp the circular saw on a board on the table and have the saw blade spin away underneath the sole. Pass the slab you need to rip under this blade. Using this method, I have been able to rip 3/4 inch boards with ease.

Gun Foot vs Cft vs Board Foot - Clearing the air

Gun Foot vs Cft vs Board Foot - Clearing the air

The guy will pull out his calculator and do some heavy division and then he will do some multiplication and then some addition, notice that he never does any subtraction and he will come up with an astonishing amount.

Timber is sold by volume, not area like plywood, laminate or other sheet goods. Hence a cube of timber 1 foot high, 1 foot wide and 1 foot deep is a cft/ cubic foot / gun foot/ ghan foot.
Imagine that please.

A joint isn't always the answer

If you have side to side grain, count your blessings and slather on the glue. If there is load to be taken then a groove on the sides will do the trick.

Which brings me to an interesting study in mortise and tenon joints. Here are 4 images. 2 of them are correct, and 2 are not. Try checking if you know the answers before reading ahead

Making Frames - Lapped mitre joints

Making Frames - Lapped mitre joints
These joints are a mixture of 2 different classes of joints. If you've been to any of my classes; I will have taught you about a number of classes of joints among these are the butt joint and the lap joint.

How do you handle your scrap wood

How do you handle your scrap wood
As woodworkers, we've developed a number of reasons to keep the excess.
Its not the money
Its the fact that we've taken time to clean it up and square it
No shop will sell a piece that small
Its good wood, or its expensive wood
Its got some excellent grain
I'll use it before the week is out.

Wanna get more organised this new year

Wanna get more organised this new year

These storage bins are stackable and slide into each other. These particular ones are 40 cms square, which is big, so warning, don't make them this big unless you have a big mess.

Material: 2 sheets of 8x4 commercial ply

Tools required: circular saw, hammer, nails, measuring tape and pencils

Collapsible workbench - A guide to building in India

Collapsible workbench - A guide to building in India
    I finally built myself another workbench and documented the build. I also managed to document a number of concept of buying wood in India like,
    1. Types of local timber marts and how to buy wood
    2. Material dimension and the gun foot or CFT
    3. The concept of the running foot
    I also documented some of the enhancements I've made to the workbench