A day at 42B

Yesterday, I actually took time off to document every activity that I did in a day at 42B on a non workshop day. A workshop day is a day dedicated to the class, course or workshop that I'm teaching that day, nothing else can be done in this time. By extension a  non workshop day is one where everything happens. 

So here goes

The day started with me sweeping up and generally cleaning up. I arrived around 9:30 am. Then i emptied the rubbish bin and transferred the week's shavings into the compost bins. Then I prepared for the volunteers by drawing plans of the Moravian workbench that was to be the build of the day. The plans in the image have been downloaded from Wood and Shop.

Plans for the Moravian workbench

Behroz turned up while I was doing this and after chatting a bit, I realised she could replace the flat screws on the glass writing board with the mirror screws I'd bought.

We then went on to cutting the legs for the workbench. I taught behroz how to use the speed square to get a 16 degree angle and soon we had 4 legs chopped up.

Behroz marking the legs for cutting

Behroz cutting the legs

Pilled up legs cut at 105 degrees

Then instead of continuing with the chopping of the joints I decided to use the time to clean out the wood storage rack. Behroz, loves to clean stuff, she's a real go getter when it come to cleaning and sorting. So now here is the wood store, all the wood has been segregated according to species and height. Easier to locate, easier to restock and easier to sell.

wood store with segregated wood

Behroz had to leave and about this time, and I discovered that the 2 other expected volunteers were no coming, so I took it upon myself to complete one leg of the Moravian Workbench. But before that, a little fresh air on the terrace. The African Accacia are in bloom this time of year and those yellow racemes always cheer me up.

yellow racemes of the African Accaccia

And finally back to the legs of the Moravian workbench. 4 joints.

1. A dovetailed lapjoint

both members of a dovetailed halflap

Perfect fit of a dove tailed half lap joint

2. An open mortise and tenon

Tenon with really smooth cheeks

Open mortise with a chisel stuck in

Perfect fit of open mortise and tenon joint

3. A through mortise and tenon drawbored. I'm experimenting with a plane to quickly make cheeks of the tenon. I saw this technique used by Will Myers while watching him build this very workbench. I must say I quite like the technique but that's a post for another time.

Half completed tenon, chamffered down to the line

I completed only the tenon.

Just after I had cut the tenon for the open motise and tenon Manoj arrived. Manoj has been working on creating tool holders for the french cleat system. His first attempt last week was ... hmm not a run away success. But yesterday, he was a man with a plan. He located all the wood that was necessary to complete the project. All scrap wood or wood for reselling, and within an hour he has this ready

4 Anant flat chisels in a tool holder on a french cleat

Don't you think are beautiful. I'm going to try to replicate this in pine. 4 for the "Your Project" room, and a couple of double holders for the workshop room.

We then decided to leave for the day. It was 9pm, 12 hours on my feet and loving it.

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