How do you handle your scrap wood

One of the biggest and most difficult challenge of any woodworker is what to do with the excess wood after a project is over and done with. As woodworkers, we've developed a number of reasons to keep the excess.
Its not the money
Its the fact that we've taken time to clean it up and square it
No shop will sell a piece that small
Its good wood, or its expensive wood
Its got some excellent grain
I'll use it before the week is out.

Ofcourse we keep it, meaning to use it as quickly as possible. "And we will, I promise, really really!!!"
But 3 years hence, we'll discover the same piece at the bottom of the wood pile. hahaha and the funny part is we will go through the same heart ache about throwing it out.

The trouble with most scrap boxes is that you cannot see the smaller pieces at the bottom and these smaller pieces just sort of lean over and get covered by more recent scrap.
Another problem with a scrap box is that one size fits all, there is no "this pieces is too small." Everything goes in, no fear; and that's a problem.
This structure solves these problems for me.

It allows me to stand up a certain number of pieces, the 3 layers allow for a minimum size of 6 inches and an max of 7 feet; and they dont interfere with each other.
Every day i see the pieces, so they stay in my active memory. That way when I have a particular need, I can remember a particular piece of wood.
Anything that does not stand above the rim, is out which stops me from being able to keep really short lengths.
And the final rule, if there is no space in the storage, make space by sacrificing something else in storage.

Now I MUST really check what I want and what I dont. Very honestly, I still have a carton full of "too short" pieces... All lovely old burma teak and all that "I'll never get again".

hahahaha. So judge the efficacy of this storage system for yourself and drop me a comment if you dont agree.


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