A day at 42B

Woodworking, Carpentry, Teaching, Cleaning, Maintaining and Building. Its all in a day's work at 42B. Non workshop days are also super fun but physically taxing. I'm on my feet for a period of 12 hours. See what a typical non workshop day looks like

Screwing: All you need to know

Screws are one of the main metal fasteners used in woodworking. The other is the humble nail. But screws hold better, stronger and longer, they can also be removed for when the piece needs to be dismantled. But the screw isn't exactly simple. And to buy screws takes a certain lingo. 

A joint isn't always the answer

If you have side to side grain, count your blessings and slather on the glue. If there is load to be taken then a groove on the sides will do the trick.

Which brings me to an interesting study in mortise and tenon joints. Here are 4 images. 2 of them are correct, and 2 are not. Try checking if you know the answers before reading ahead