Wanna get more organised this new year

As usual the new year resolution was to get more organised. December was a great year for expenses... sets of hand tools and power tools (I'll take 2 of everything, please) for upcoming workshops and now my house looks like a shop in Lohar chawl. Did I mention we now have a one hall kitchen with an attached workshop!

So obviously the "better half" is slowly becoming the "bitter half" and who can blame her. So 28th, 29th and 30th were spent making these,

Storage bins.

Material: 2 sheets of 8x4 commercial ply

Tools required: circular saw, hammer, nails, measuring tape and pencils

These are stackable and slide into each other. These particular ones are 40 cms square, which is big, so warning, don't make them this big unless you have a big mess.

Another thing, when cutting watch out for that kerf. I have a kerf of 3mm, which over the 5 sides I cut caused a slip of 15mm at the point. I'm still working on how to correct this. I mean its obviously the "efficient" cutting diagram that is to blame... though WHERE DID I GO WRONG!

Anyway, in keeping with my new policy, plywood, nails and power tools will do in a pinch. The build itself should have taken a day. But I clubbed it with 1 "your project" and 1 basic woodworking class, so just an hour a day.

If you wanna make these, here are some of the points you should account for

  • The angle of the front is important to get into the box without having to take off the box/ boxes on top.
  • The nailing is all from the sides into the back, top and front, this is for strength. Done the other way, the weight might just about pull the nails out of the ply and then god help your feet.
  • The top boxes are open, easily fixed with a special "bottom" only box.
  • The open front allows our good friend dust, to get inside and find a home (a problem I'm actively working on)

Plans and cutting guide.


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