42B is up and running; Thanks to the our volunteers.

Last month V for Wood began a volunteer. In response to a request for volunteers we got 18 kind people from all walks of life and from all over. Professional and business folk, they were. And they came from Mira Road, Vasai, Vashi and Colaba. (The corners of Mumbai).
The mandate was simple, to get my space up and running by the end of July. This was a possible but tough, tough ask.
Of what we set out to do, here is what we finally have achieved.

The Storage Room

1. A shelf for the tools which we use daily.

All tools must go back to the store room and the other rooms swept before leaving. So this was imperative.

2. A large wood stocking area.

Since I deal mostly with solid wood, I always have a large amount of lumber around or varied cross sections and varied lengths and these must be stored properly so a person can find what they are looking for. I intend to charge for lumber, if you buy it from me, right!

The kitchen

1. A shelf under the kitchen platform to keep vessels, and the like. Adele and team built a lovely shelf by lashing lengths of logs together. Cutting these logs was not easy, but they managed with grit, determination and a little bit of ingenuity.

Now our kitchen is stocked but it a bit haphazard. And we lack a fridge, or at the very least an icebox.

The Project room

1. Wall mounted folding table. This was among the first things to be done at 42B. This is just one of the 3 tables in the room.
2. Wall mounted permanent cantilever table.

The cantilever table has a neat little design, the legs don't stand on the ground, as can be seen, they cantilever off a ledge, also mounted in the wall. This is an interesting design and I'm waiting to see how it pans out.
3. Wall mounted permanent, slanting leg table. This tabel is a variation on the cantilever concept. Here we've simple directed the legs into the corner of the wall and floor.
4. Above each of the 3 tables is a writing board and a softboard to help visualise idea and to keep dimensions and cutting lists in view.

The teaching space

The main room, the heart infact of 42B is the teaching room. Here
1. One large heavy duty Roubo style workbench.

This workbench should take 4 people and even 6 if we are the sharing kind. Built completely from Pine, the workbench was cheap to make, but still has considerable weight. The design I chose makes uses of large paws to add surface area and hence friction to lessen movement. The table top itself is a glue up of 24 pieces of pine which makes is very strong, heavy and yet economical. One thing of concern though is the single long stretcher, this stretcher will be the only thing supporting the lateral movement of the table and only time will tell if it is sufficient.

2. The walls are clad with pin board, tool hangers and a large writing board of glass. Lots of literature as well as projects and teaching material can be put on these.

All the rooms are now functional and we have our first workshop on the 11th Of August.

This was our first volunteer program, there are going to be many more so if you are interested please contact us on reach_us@ vforwood.com or send us a message. 

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