A 9 day Residency Woodworking Program at Art Village Karjat

Finally its here, I can't tell you how excited I am. At V for Wood and even before we were V for Wood I've been teaching woodworking to batches of people. 10 people a month or so. and this adds up quickly. Participants have always seemed disappointed to have to go back to their own lives after ever day and this always was a thorn in my side. I knew I had to take people out of Mumbai. 10 random strangers, learning woodworking and bonding, imagine the networking, imagine the community possibilities. Every place I tried at was financially unfeasible until finally Art Village Karjat approached me, like a bit of a god send. 

AVK is in Karjat, and hour away from Mumbai, it takes you more time to reach Andheri than to reach Karjat. AVK boasts of some gorgeous surroundings, food and great activities. In fact I wrote a post about them a while back.

Now, before I go on about the schedule and the course content, I'd suggest you go over and check out the poster.

Now the 9 days have been broken up in 3 module of 3 days each

In the first module we get into the basics of Wood. My favourite statement, is that wood is simply another material that the "artist" must understand. And these 3 days will be all you ever need to "read wood". We build a mallet and a box, which hopefully you will use for woodworking tools :)

Module 2 is about Carving, a most exciting, and exhilarating activity which can actually be done in a real tiny space even in a small Mumbai house. I've lined up at least 3 "experiences". And then we might try carving on your boxes or your mallets. I think that's just crazy fun

And Finally my mostest favourite - Joinery. Whats a joint, why they exist, what joint was used in Stonehenge, I absolutely go gaga over joints and I'll have you doing the same. Nails and screws are for mere mortals. OK OK. So we will be learning how to set out a joint, cut it and put together a Japanese style stool.

And this is just the woodworking portion of the "working holiday". You are going to be sleeping in earth huts, and eating some awesome AVK food. Yoga in the morning and barbecues in the evening and a number of other events make this program something that I want to yell from the rooftops.

Don't ponder too long, just go over and enroll.


  • I would like to learn wood carving

  • I like to join one of the 9 days workshop . Please email with the course details and time and date .

    Shashank padale
  • I love wood working but haven’t got an opportunity. Does it start from basics ?


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