Art Village, Karjat: Why I wake up in the morning

When it rains it pours... and it certainly was pouring today during V for Wood's visit to Art Village Karjat; bit I'm talking about raining blessings and good vibes. I've been getting a whole load of those from you people of Mumbai for my volunteers program and now some more blessing and good vibes have come my way from the good people of Art Village.

7:40 this morning found me standing at Ghatkopar station instead of standing outside the colony waiting for my son's school bus. I was at Ghatkopar waiting for a train to Khopoli. These are rare snakes, in case you wish to wonder. Anywho, thus began my day. Karjat is many unknown and unheard of stations away from Ghatkopar, but it wasn't long (1 hour 35 minutes) later that we reached our destination. (For those who know, yes I did sample the famous vada pav, and it was fabulous). Got out of station. Tum Tum or Tuk Tuk and 15 bucks later we were at Art Village. Yes that easy. What follows are just random reflections of the space and some pictures.

Such a total village feel. Even he is looking peaceful

Lush, greens of the monsoons are as much part of Art Village as the earth built cottages in the background.

The boat is perfectly water tight, judging by the water pooled inside it.

A few activities

Please notice the moss wall, Ain't it glorious!

I ofcourse am in love with roofs. The framing just gets me.

And then there is the thatched roof. The thatching material is woven to atleast a foot thick.


When not in full action, it is a lovely, quiet and artfully presented retreat from Mumbai life. Spaces are well assigned and one is alone and yet not cut off in any corner of the space. Again nature and the outdoors are so well integrated that you never get the feeling that you left it outside. It seems to come indoors with you and yet keeps inviting you back out.

Being the nature lover that I am I've always, always found it hard to stay away from windows, to sit in chairs, and no place has ever made me feel comfortable. I itch to go outdoors. Here though I was outdoors and indoors at the same time.

I'm in love.

I had the most amazing time walking around barefoot in the mud and gravel. The place just feels comfortable enough. I'm going to be visiting this gorgeous space again and will keep you updated. There is so much more here to see, to feel and to experience.

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