Discovering ICA Pidilite training for wood finish

2 images showing the surroundings of Color Coats

My good pal Yashika Tijoriwala called the other day and invited me to a "finishing" class that she was going to. I personally can't be bothered about finishes. I know the basic, sand the wood, apply a coat of varnish, sand the varnish after dry and repeat as many times as you have the patience for. But I was curious to see what this finishing class was all about, and to help matters it was on water based PU (polyurethane), which obviously isn't the "Some other thing" based PU. ;) I really have to go into the chemistry of these finishes.
But yes, many of you have questions about finishes and I always tend to just give the basics and leave it at that and now having the chance, I decided to attend.
Color coats is a company in Marol, Ashok Nagar, which literally pops out of the muck of the mitthi river. The industrial area, it is in, is made of of the standard ramshackled structures of dharavi and chimatpada and the further in you walk, the dirtier it gets and then suddenly out of nowhere you walk into this showroom type place, with a glass meeting room and board rooms and a kitchen and a most clean loo. ULTIMATE.

3 image collage showing internals of Color Coats

We were supposed to get there by 10:30am, the class in typical IST style started at 11:30am. And that is the only gripe you are going to hear from me.

The classes are essentially a technical training conducted for ICA Pidilite (Yes the same fevicol wala Pidilite) The attendees are all either contractors or karigars (worker/artists, no they should be called artist-workers, Chetan and Mukesh give the lectures and are very well informed about what interior designers want, what contractors want and finally how the artist-workers implements the actual finishes. They seemed to know all the tricks of the trade and all the termiology. I loved it. Here are a few I came across
Open pore, close pore used as "isko open pore kar do"
Water cutting used as "do coat maar do and then water cutting karke buff kar do"
blue "Add blue to the mixture"
It was crazy, there is a language there that we know nothing about.
After the quick lecture, lunch and then we were taken for the demos to the spray booth.

OK now a quick rundown of what i learnt

1. Water based PU is better than Solvent based PU.
2. Every water based product is always more expensive than its solvent based counterpart
3. Water based products are more elastic and hence takes the contraction and expansion of wood better.
4. Water based products tend to cover more area, about 10-15sq ft more than solvent based
5. Water based is better from a health and safety point of view. Also good for use when the smells of a solvent are not acceptable to the client.

I'm going to have to try out this their water based clear coat matt finish and tell you how it compares to the one I use normally.

Wanna know more, then leave me a comment.


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