Pravin charts the world on a rustic board

Pravin spent about 7 half days making this wall art.
The woodworking portion took him 2 days, 1 day with my assistance and after that he was on his own. Helps me do other things and therefore keep the cost down.
The most difficult portion of this project though was the painting using the stencil. The white spray cans would spray the paint in 2 fine a mist and the paint would get under the edges of the stencil
We tried brushes, but the finish was too rough. Sponge gave us the same result in addition to wasting a lot of the material.
Finally, Pravin haunched down with a tiny brush and painted the edges of the stencil and then with a bigger brush he did the interiors. We kept the stencil on and painted on another coat. He then applied 2 coats of spray varnish and we were done. This was a fairly simple build from a woodworking point of view, but the decoration was a massive pain.


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