A 9 day Residency Woodworking Program at Art Village Karjat

AVK is in Karjat, and hour away from Mumbai, it takes you more time to reach Andheri than to reach Karjat. AVK boasts of some gorgeous surroundings, food and great activities. In fact I wrote a post about them a while back.

The Residency program called the Woodworking short course is 9 days long. split into 3 modules of 3 days each. 

Module 1: Basics of wood

Module 2: Carving

Module 3: Joinery

Discovering ICA Pidilite training for wood finish

Discovering ICA Pidilite training for wood finish
Yes, many of you have questions about finishes and I always tend to just give the basics and leave it at that but now having the chance, I decided to attend.
Color coats is a company in Marol, Ashok Nagar, which literally pops out of the muck of the mitthi river. The industrial area, it is in, is made of of the standard ramshackled structures of dharavi and chimatpada and the further in you walk, the dirtier it gets and then suddenly out of nowhere you walk into this showroom type place, with a glass meeting room and board rooms and a kitchen and a most clean loo. ULTIMATE.

13th Basic Woodworking Class

13th Basic Woodworking Class
The extension to the 13th Basic woodworking class at the Maker's Asylum is over. This batch was a doozy, these guys made me figure out why shesha...