Conservation workshop on Wooden objects and Structures

This October, V for Wood spent 10 days in Ranibagh and Nainital studying techniques of conservation of wood and wooden structures. This is a first in this country thanks to the efforts of HIMSHACO and Tata Trust. The group of young conservators spent 6 days at the HQ of HIMSHACO in Ranibagh studying conservation techniques and materials and 4 days in Nainital at Mistri Labs which is housed in Vimal Kunj, studying the basics of carpentry. What follows is a short account of the course in its entirety. 

A 9 day Residency Woodworking Program at Art Village Karjat

AVK is in Karjat, and hour away from Mumbai, it takes you more time to reach Andheri than to reach Karjat. AVK boasts of some gorgeous surroundings, food and great activities. In fact I wrote a post about them a while back.

The Residency program called the Woodworking short course is 9 days long. split into 3 modules of 3 days each. 

Module 1: Basics of wood

Module 2: Carving

Module 3: Joinery

Journeys with Meaning and V for Wood in Meghalaya

I joined a tour group, a very focussed tour group run by one of my students, Vinod. Vinod feels very strongly about sustainablity and has put his future where his mouth is, has followed his passion through some pretty dark times and come out with an even stronger mission. Look him up at Journeys with Meaning

Maple Pine is run by James, an Indian married to a Khasi lady who cooks the most amazing food. James is no slouch in the kitchen either, his drunken chicken drove me to raptures and his home baked bread had me cheating on all type of diets. But I wasn't there for his cooking. I was there for what he has done and is still doing at Maple Pine.

Art Village, Karjat: Why I wake up in the morning

Art Village, Karjat: Why I wake up in the morning

V for Wood visited Art Village, Karjat the other day and found it to be a most fascinating place. When not in full action, it is a lovely, quiet and artfully presented retreat from Mumbai life. Spaces are well assigned and one is alone and yet not cut off in any corner of the space. Again nature and the outdoors are so well integrated that you never get the feeling that you left it outside. It seems to come indoors with you and yet keeps inviting you back out.

Being the nature lover that I am I've always, always found it hard to stay away from windows, to sit in chairs, and no place has ever made me feel comfortable. I itch to go outdoors. Here though I was outdoors and indoors at the same time.

I'm in love.


Vashi-wala Aariwala: Kuljeet and the mini circsaw

Vashi-wala Aariwala: Kuljeet and the mini circsaw
All in all, the mini circular saw build did exactly what the 1st prototype normally does. It educated us. The next version will take care of all these issues and expose a few others, I suppose. Personally I cant wait to get it right because I want one. My miniature furniture make can start up again.

Kolkata: thanks to Kingshuk

Kolkata: thanks to Kingshuk
Kingshuk took me to this little, tiny shop, filled to the brim with all sorts of handtools. It was a dream. No a fantasy. Old, 100 year saws, of varying sizes, spoke shaves, draw knives, gauges, calipers, brace and bits. And thats just the initial 3 feet at the entry. The proprietor is a happy guy, invites you to sit and then presents you with delicacy after delicacy. A Stanley, no 5, then a No 4, and then a small 9" smoothening plane. Then he bagan on the saws. German made Scheilder, Swiss made Sandvik, Stanley's, saws of various size amd tpi. I was entralled, I asked for a brace and bit.

Rock dokra at Devrai Art Village - Panchgani

Rock dokra at Devrai Art Village - Panchgani

The write up is about my week long stay in this beautful Devrai Art Village,near Panchgani.

The experience one would feel here cannot be penned down, however below is my best effort to capture the same.

Do visit them on the below links