Conservation workshop on Wooden objects and Structures

This October, V for Wood spent 10 days in Ranibagh and Nainital studying techniques of conservation of wood and wooden structures. This is a first in this country thanks to the efforts of HIMSHACO and Tata Trust. The group of young conservators spent 6 days at the HQ of HIMSHACO in Ranibagh studying conservation techniques and materials and 4 days in Nainital at Mistri Labs which is housed in Vimal Kunj, studying the basics of carpentry. What follows is a short account of the course in its entirety. 

Pravin charts the world on a rustic board

Pravin charts the world on a rustic board
Pravin spent about 7 half days making this wall art.The woodworking portion took him 2 days, 1 day with my assistance and after that he was on his ...

A 9 day Residency Woodworking Program at Art Village Karjat

AVK is in Karjat, and hour away from Mumbai, it takes you more time to reach Andheri than to reach Karjat. AVK boasts of some gorgeous surroundings, food and great activities. In fact I wrote a post about them a while back.

The Residency program called the Woodworking short course is 9 days long. split into 3 modules of 3 days each. 

Module 1: Basics of wood

Module 2: Carving

Module 3: Joinery

Delhi, Pepperfry, V for Wood and Abid

Delhi, Pepperfry, V for Wood and Abid

I was taking a set of classes for Pepperfry and due to some interesting scheduling I suddenly had a day in Delhi all to myself.
A quick message to Abid and by 8:45 in the AM, I was on my way to his place in Gurgaon. 
I'd been dying to try out the Delhi metro; I'd heard so much about it. The various coloured lines and how it has really connected Delhi; this was my chance. 

I spent a lovely 2 hours at Abid's home workshop and then he dropped me off to the Railway Museum. I met him again later and after a dinner of rolls and kebabs at Alkauser, I got back to my hotel room. After all, I'd come to delhi to take 2 sessions for Pepperfry.

13th Basic Woodworking Class

13th Basic Woodworking Class
The extension to the 13th Basic woodworking class at the Maker's Asylum is over. This batch was a doozy, these guys made me figure out why shesha...