This Valentine's carve a wooden ring for your beloved

Last week, I spent a a load of time rediscovering what I call tiny wood techniques. I made a whole load of rings in preparation for the Valentine's workshop. You see wood at the tiny level is a whole different ball game; strengths are different. Forces work differently and grain has a whole new meaning from both a strength and a design perspective.
Rings have been around for centuries and symbolise the unending. Giving a ring to a partner is saying something as simple as "I promise to be with you forever". Corny yes, but also, so beautiful. Unfortunately rings today, seem to symbolise bondage, they seem to work as a reminder and a warning. Much as I hate these new meanings, I'm still a die hard romantic, I still believe in the promise of the ring, the never ending, the infinite. Its like the power gems or infinity stones as they are referred to in the Marvel universe. Thanos possesses the infinity stones and hence controls time, space, mind reality and the soul. I too possess these powers.

Come for a woodworking workshop with me and I will show you the power I have acquired. ;)
I will take you forward through time so that you feel like a day's passing is just a few minutes. I'll control your mind, so that all that exists is the ring taking shape right there in your own hands. I will bend your reality and your space so that you forget where you are and who you are and complete immerse yourself in working on the ring.
Finally when you know the frustration of breaking and splitting a nearly complete ring, when your fingers tremble with the effort of holding your strength in control, when you realise that your muscles ache from being bent over your work for so long, when you are done, when you have a complete ring in your hand. Finally you will be able to slip the ring over your partner's finger knowing completely and surely that your partner knows exactly how much effort was put into the making of that ring, that your partner appreciates! 
Hand making a ring is not just about the though, it is about the effort, the sweat and pain that goes into the making. These rings you make will be a cherished gift for ever. The perfect embodiment of the symbol of the ring; of the promise of never ending effort; the promise of the infinite. 
Come for our Valentine's workshop. We've arranged 3 of them, couples can join us on the 10th. Those who cannot seem to get their partners along can join us on the 12th or the 14th. Have a question?


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