Colony kids use power tools to make Christmas tree

December 2017, the first month where I had some income from V for Wood; will be remembered. It is also the month when I invested in assets, tools, woodworking sets, kits and power tools. All in all it was a good month.

Children using the power jigsaw to cut out christmas tree outline

Somewhere in the beginning of the month I announced a workshop "Trees of Cheer". A Christmas oriented workshop. Make your own Christmas tree and decorations. I messed up the advertising and had to cancel the workshop because I thought I had just 2 participants; Long story. The workshop was to be a parent child adventure. The parent would cut the tree out and the child would paint. Since I had bought the wood, the paint and the jigsaws, I figured why waste. So one evening I sent word with my 8 yr old to all the kids in his group, "Come over I said, and we'll paint some Christmas trees." So there I was, with a lot of water based primer and 4 brushes, trying to quell 8 children fighting. Apparently yelling "Share" at the top of ones voice doesn't work.

The ages of the kids are 11 all the way down to 5, what in effs name was I thinking. hahaha. We managed to get the painting done though, 2 coats of primer and then I began cutting another Christmas tree for 2 of the kids who hadn't had a chance. Here is where it got interesting, obviously the kids wanted to try. The jigsaw is a pretty safe power tool. I mean it takes some very active 'stupidity' to damage yourself on a jigsaw. So I quickly called up a few of the parents and having garnered their go-aheads; I went ahead and allowed the kids to handle the jigsaw.

Revelation, kids are very sensible, all the way down to 5, they will respect the tools, its power and each other's space. It was incredible. 8 kids and not a peep, all that I could hear was the motor of the jigsaw. 

I am now going to build a couple of low workbenches for the kids. I'm convinced that this is a huge amount of potential to tap into. I think 2 feet high should do it. The 5 year old will get marginalised, but I have another solution for him.

Suddenly I'm hearing, "Viren uncle, can we make ____" instead of "Viren uncle, can you make ______".


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