Why a Parent child workshop

To some the answer to the above title is obvious. It wasn't for me. If you read my 'reason for being' you'll see what I think about teaching kids under the age of 20. Ok ok thats mean, you 18 year old are not kids. You are young adults.

Anywho, ever since the vacations have begun for my son, Jishnu, I've been taking him to 42B, on the day I dont have a class. But he is generally around and getting underfoot when I'm doing one on one projects or generally building something for 42B itself. He has been getting along fairly well with the others at 42B like Nitish and his epoxy pouring. But he refuses to do anything on his own. Off late he has been getting very impatient and antsy and once he asked me to make something for him, a thor's hammer. We tried, I ended up making most of it myself. This is when realisation hit, what if there are others around, we all perform better with a wee bit of competition. And I'll still get to spend time showing him how to measure and mark and cut and stick and generally spend more time with him.

So I called upon my good friend Adele, who has 2 kids, heaven help her and take pity on her over taxed soul. So I took the 3 of them under my wing with Adele as spectator and guide. Under the parents supervision, marking and measuring was done, and then I helped them cut. Back to parent they went for gluing and then after about 20 minutes we spray painted the whole thing an awesome chrome color. Thor would have been most pleased, I think, if his "allfather" had helped him make his hammer, instead of just handing it over to him.

So if you've got kids who you would like to introduce to the skill of woodworking, bring them along on the 23rd of March. We are going to be doing at least one parent and child every month. But you've gotta be quick, we take just 3 kids per workshop.


  • I am interested in workshop for kids aged 8. If you have any program coming up kindly send me details

    AVinash Rajapkar
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  • Hii i am interested in they parent child carpentary workshop …pls keep me updated

  • Hi! I really believe that its important for our kids to learn to work with their hands and feel natural materials. What is the youngest age group you work with?

  • Hi,
    I am interested in workshop for kids aged 4 &8. If you have any program coming up kindly send me details. Thanks

    Suruchi Jain Sood

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