Making a simple gum boot stand

As you know, We've been at Mohraan, the Adhikari farm for nearly a month now and I'm documenting a quick build I did for Sachin some time back (2 weeks)
Sachin is a student of mine and he after attending a few classes he tried to make a gum boot stand for himself on his farm. From an earlier construction he salvaged a thick block of wood, the kind I would be envious off in Mumbai, but not know what to do with. He then simply used a hole saw to drill 4 holes into the wood. and then used a chisel to remove the waste material from the inside of the hole. If you've ever used a hole saw, you'd know that this was about the most tedious method to go about digging out a hole in a thick block of wood. Sachin even managed to break a chisel inside one of the holes.

He has presented me with the problem a while back. The problems that he faced in addition to the ones I've mentioned were that the bamboo sticks that he jammed into the holes were wobbling and when gumboots were placed on them they would tilt, which caused the center of gravity to shift outside the base and the entire stand would then just tip over.

I borrowed a spade bit and his drill. I sharpened the bit on the sharpening stone that I'd brought with me. Then I proceeded to deepen the holes. Once done with that, I began to thin down the new bamboo pieces that I'd cut. For this I used my chisels, because there really wasn't anything else to use.

The job was quite an easy one. And in my workshop I would have been done in about 30 minutes. Here I'm working with a very limited set of tools. I'm really glad that there was a spade bit, otherwise I'd have the time of my life chopping out a hole in this thick block of Ain.

The gum boots now sit well on the stand. We've since discovered that it is quite painful to bed and lift the gumboots out of the stand and the design must be improved. But this is a story for another time.

I'm also discovering how important a basic knowledge of woodworking is on a farm.