Mohraan(Adhikari Farm) week 3: Jishnu makes a microwave

Week 3 started with the re-lockdown of Mumbai. Without too much fanfare I'd like to declare that this long drawn out lockdown is the stupidest, most bone headed move possible by any administration. Moving on; Julius, much to my delight, has gotten himself stuck for the duration of the lockdown. He cannot leave the farm. Sachin and I have finilised a plan for a large workshop space. The farm certainly needs a workshop. There are a hundred 'tools' that can be created based on the many repetitive tasks that farming entails. And, I'd like to report that finally Jishnu has gotten himself a project. Albeit a minecraft project. But still, it is a project.

This week has been super for me, Jishnu and I have had some long discussions about a microwave in minecraft. Jishnu has been watching some youtuber build a lovely kitchen in minecraft and he didn't quite like the microwave design. So he decided to improve on it. For those who don't know minecraft, there is something called redstone which is the building block of automation in minecraft. Redstone and redstone components can be put together just like wires and electronic components. I'm thrilled that after 4 months of watching other people build stuff and play minecraft, Jishnu has finally decided that he wants to take up a project involving redstone. He understands the components and the way they interact with the other normal components of minecraft. So far he has had several ideas some of which were clearly wrong and others seemed like they wouldn't work too well. I've participated in the discussions in the way that i would any other adult and finally he has tried one solution. I was overjoyed to see his enthusiasm and eagerness to try his solution and I even encouraged him to try the first one during dinner. The idea failed, but it didn't upset him and he said he would try the next morning. The next morning the next solution didn't work and when I came back from the orchard he told me he had got the microwave to work. and then dejectedly he added that the design was not his own but the one he didn't like. I wasn't sure how to react, but I think I simply nodded and said something like, "Oh, that's a pity!". Nothing more, just my honest reaction
At about 4 when I left for the fields, my champ was doing something on minecraft as usual. I didn't give it much thought. Suddenly he appears while I was at laawni to tell me, no to crow, that he had finally succeeded in making the microwave work with the design he wanted. He then went on to detail his design, the problem, and his solution all in some unknown to me language. I kissed him, said, "you look happy." He said he was. I kissed him again and then he skipped away singing shrilly. Hehehehe

Oh I forgot to mention in last week's post that I built a gum boot stand.

Sachin and Sameer now seem convinced that a workspace was required. We've allocated a 30 x 20 foot area for this 'building' and will erect it out of bamboo. In fact the bamboo has been bought and brought to the farm. The plans are ready. All that was left was for the workers to begin and that's when laawni hit the village. All the workers are now doing community laawni. And our workshop is just an empty piece of land and a pile of bamboo.

Anyway here's another project that we did. Similar in design to the gumboot stand, but this is a towel stand cum decor item. what do you think? The big difference here, I guided Sachin.

All in all, I've had a great week.