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Mohraan(Adhikari Farm) week 3: Jishnu makes a microwave

Week 3 started with the re-lockdown of Mumbai. Without too much fanfare I'd like to declare that this long drawn out lockdown is the stupidest, most bone headed move possible by any administration. Moving on; Julius, much to my delight, has gotten himself stuck for the duration of the lockdown. He cannot leave the farm. Sachin and I have finilised a plan for a large workshop space. The farm certainly needs a workshop. There are a hundred 'tools' that can be created based on the many repetitive tasks that farming entails. And, I'd like to report that finally Jishnu has gotten himself a project. Albeit a minecraft project. But still, it is a project.

Adhikari farm: Week 2

Field with one section ploughed and anothergreen section depecting raab
Week 2 started with a disaster. While swimming in a river I placed my foot on a really sharp stone and drawn blood. This week I explored the first few stages of rice plantation, discovered local medicine and watched in silent anguish while Jishnu was introduced to another youtuber who to my mind serves no purpose in life...aarrrrgggg.

Adhikari's farm: First day

Adhikari's farm: First day
The Adhikari farm covers quite an area; approx 7 acrres; and it is amazing to see how action packed it is. One cannot take 2 steps without stumbling something interesting. Yesterday Sameer introduced us to the taste of a certain ant. He just picks them and pops them. Jishnu and I ofcourse tried a few. What an explosion of tart. For such a small thing, the flavour is very intense. I haven't looked this up, but I'm guessing the tart has something to do with the amount of formic acid the ants have. Formaic acid is what the ants inject when they bite. Thats what burns the hell out of you. These guys are tree ants. those big, transluscent red chaps which pack a hell of a bite. So they must have plenty of formic acid and hence are plenty sour and yummy. Hehehehe.