Sustainable solutions

Eco bricking challenge

Read about my beginning with ecobricks Ecobrick Challenge: MAKE an ecobrick. Step 1. Segregate, chop and stuff all the plastics you use or your ne...

Plastics, plastics everywhere; but not a solution in sight

Read about the ecobrick challenge I'll open with a statement, "I have a love hate relationship with plastics. I love what it can do but I hate what...

Woodworking; is it bad for the environment?

Most people think woodworking is bad for the environment, because trees are chopped down for use as buildings, furniture, trinkets etc. My take on the subject is a little different. Not only do I believe that wood is the best material, but I believe that is should be the material of choice.

A natural composting pit

A natural composting pit
A natural composting pit in the making. The method of natural composting I'm trying to use is similar to that described in Masanobu Fukuoka's One straw revolution. Pile up the leaves and leave them be.