Plastics, plastics everywhere; but not a solution in sight

Read about the ecobrick challenge

I'll open with a statement, "I have a love hate relationship with plastics. I love what it can do but I hate what it can do."

Saving the planet from plastics cannot be called jumping on the bandwagon. Yes, someone has actually accused me of this. Now don't get me wrong. I'm not anti plastic. In fact I quite like the offensive material. In many ways it is a miracle material. Engineered to be simple to use, form and mold. It can take any shape desired and hold that shape for a long time. It can then be recycled. It has a myriad uses. I'm off the opinion that we have gone over board in the usage of this material and unfortunately made it a major contributor to a whole load of things going wrong with the planet. And finally I'm certainly not of the opinion that plastics should be done away entirely because this just provides the way for another material, the cons of which will appear decades later. Let's recognise the good and the bad of plastic and mitigate the bad while enhancing the good. 

One of the major bad things is single use plastic. This thin stuff is what we see hanging like ugly festoons from tree and plants. We see it in the water and we have begun seeing it in our wildlife. Killing them. Why? because it cannot be recycled. Single use plastic is a problem, because once used, it cannot be recycled and hence has no value. It is discarded and disposing off it has a cost that no one is taking responsibility of. So I am.

A friend, V K Bharadwaj came over the other day and after building the composting pit, we discussed solutions to single use plastic. Right now, the solutions that can be implemented revolve around mitigation. As I mentioned, single use plastics, take very little space, but unfortunately float around freely and create a nuisance of themselves. VK mentioned ecobricks, a fantastic idea to incarcerate single use plastic in plastic bottles. Ecobricks gives some wonderful suggestion and a step by step method for creating these bricks and I strongly suggest going over to their site and looking it up. I on the other hand, am a lazy git, so i'm simply stuffing single use plastic in those thin bottles that packaged water comes in. I inter packaging of biscuits, chips, sweets and other consumables. aluminum foil and all foil lined packaging also goes direct into the bottles. One problem that I hope to solve is the durability of those bottles. They might degrade, split etc very quickly and I will have to watch for that. Another good idea proposed by ecobricks and VK is to paste them into structures like benches etc. 

I'd like to point out that these bottles are extremely easy to come by and it takes a long time to fill one of them up. I walk around the colony looking for a bottle. Find one, adopt it and bring it home, then begin stuffing. If you have nothing to do with the bottle once stuffed, come over to 42B and give them to me. I'm going to need a pot load of these for my next project, and I'm seriously worried about how long it is going to take to gather enough "bricks"

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