About V for Wood

At V for Wood, we believe that there is very little stopping you from realising your dream project. In fact, we believe that once you turn your dream into reality, you will never stop dreaming, for which one of us didn't have at least a thousand little dreams as children. 

Why did you forget your dreams, for a time I did too, it was because I couldn't see how to make them real. Now I can and I'm here  to promise you that you can too.

So if its a chair that you dream about, or a cabinet, or a small box. If it's a new skill or hobby or an income source. And even if it's just meeting people who believe in dreams then you've stumbled upon the right place.

At V for Wood, we wish to see our children dream, and we wish to see their dreams change the world and we need you; You, not the children, to help them hold on to their dreams.

I am often asked, Why "V for Wood?", the short answer is, "Because to change the world, I need one maker uncle or aunty in every colony. Just one dreamer with the ability to convert a dream to reality." The long answer is here 

Who’s who


Viren Vaz, our chief WoodSeer can best be described as a software professional by day and a tinkerer by night.

For the last 10 years he is living proof that even a small home in Mumbai can turn into a woodworking workshop. Working from 10 pm to midnight he has, over the years, turned out items of furniture ranging from a small shoe rack to a large 7×6 foot bed. He also makes wood puzzles and miniature furniture and is obsessed with designs that do not need metal fasteners. He has quit a career of 15 years and is our first teacher. When not working wood, he can be found drilling holes in walls, changing faulty switches or fixing leaky taps. He could also be elbow deep in cake batter or playing with the colony pups (children); he does play with the strays too, but that's something we won't talk about.

Viren is eager to learn as much as he can about various materials and working techniques and is equally comfortable talking about pottery, stone carving and welding as he is woodworking. 

Follow him on Instagram : @Virenvaz


Merwyn Dsouza likes to think he is a novice woodworker. He brings 15 years of corporate people management and project management skills with him.

He has a deep passion for woodworking and is particularly interested in Japanese joinery techniques. His creations in woodworking includes passive phone speakers, name plates, a green wood pedestal coffee table and a chidori joint coffee table. Besides being a noob at woodworking , he is also a photographer and loves to partake in long rides on his bike.

Follow him on instagram: @merwyn_in