Basic woodworking with hand tool set

Unveiling a program close to our heart; "The Basic Woodworking with hand tool set". The program is aimed at the newbie who none the less is serious about developing a new hobby. The content for this program is developed around the premise that one should always work with one's own tools. A premise we take very serious. I, for example, walk around with a bagful of basic tools weighing about 20 kgs. I hate using someone else's tools, they just don't feel right in my hand.

The cost of the class includes the basic woodworking tools, 

  • 4 chisels
  • 1 saw

The participant then learns woodworking while developing this kit. The first day, while playing with the wood, they also "unknowingly" gain the practice required to make a good half lap joint. This joint is then used on the second day to make a mallet. This is all in addition to the theory of woodworking, types of wood and joints.

On day 3 and 4, the participants learn about grain and strength of wood. They then practice chopping with the mallet and planing with the hand plane. Leading to them making a storage box for their own chisels.

The, now beginner, participants enter the world as confident woodworker, confident that they can at the very least attempt and understand most woodworking projects. More importantly, they can now begin using their basic tool set to enhance their skill level.