Introduction to Woodworking

In a day and age when we spend most of our day using technology to bring ideas to life: have we forgotten what it is to use our hands? Woodworking is just such a challenge, it is difficult enough to practice perfectly, but easy enough to begin. As a student once told us, "I just want to see if I can survive after an apocalypse." We know exactly what they meant. 

"The Introduction to Woodworking" is part of the Basic woodworking level offered at V for Wood. The class is designed to give you a feel of what woodworking is. Just a feel, mind you. We cannot hope you make you a carpenter in a day.
This class could start you on a journey. It could be the beginning of a hobby or it could serve as your retirement plan. For you designers and architects out there, this class will give you an idea of what wood is capable of and what your carpenters can and cannot do. We warn you though, you could hate woodworking, you could hate using your hands to make something. But the only way to check is to try.

Be quick though, we take 6 students in a class and there are 2 classes every month and we still get filled, sometimes 2 weeks in advance.

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March 15th Sunday 11am to 5 pm

March 28 Saturday 11am to 5pm