Woodworking classes @42B

We at V for Wood have a number of classes aimed at teaching you different aspects of woodworking. 
Basic Level
We have a set of 3 classes that we consider Introductory or Basic level
An Introduction to woodworking, this will give you a good idea of the depth and breadth of woodworking, as also an idea of the learning curve involved. You will be surprised how quickly you can make complex objects like tables and chairs. This is your starting point.
After the introductory class most novices who do want to continue take a Power tool class. This class is designed to make you comfortable with and hence be able to work with power tools.
Also in the Basic category is a Scroll saw workshop, Scrolling is what got me started in woodworking. Its an old and very meticulous skill; the outcome of which are most satisfying. Look at some of the work that can be done
At this point you, the student, will have enough control over the tools to build on your own. You could practice your new hobby by building out your own ideas or you could come to 42B and use the plans that we have. 
Or you can move directly to the next level
The Intermediate level
The classes in the intermediate level are mainly classroom sessions which delve into the most important points of woodworking, which is understanding. These classes furnish you with facts and figures to move you along your path from following instructions blindly to an intuitive understanding of the behaviour of wood. 
Learn about different types of woods and their properties and how wood is bought and sold in Art of Wood
The technical properties of wood like strength, elasticity, expansion and contraction, warping and movement etc in Science of Wood
And the mechanics of wood and carpentry in Engineering of Wood
Advanced Level
You will now have enough knowledge to move to an Advanced level. 
Learn how to dimension wood, layout joints and cut and fit them accurately by taking up a project and doing it at 42B. Practice makes perfect and no effort is wasted if you are willing to learn from it. 42B (our workshop for now) is open to my students who wish to practice the skills acquired during the classes. So at 500 bucks a day you can come back and build coffee tables, chairs, bookshelves and whatever else you dream of.
Of course I'll be there to guide you along your path.
The set of workshops are spread over all weekends in each month. March 2020 looks a bit like this

If you have any questions or doubts about what to register for drop us a query and we will give you a call.