Woodworking with power tools

V for Wood offers the Woodworking with power tools workshop as just another way to woodwork. Power tools are a swift, although dusty, way to bring your designs into reality. While being quick, they do not confer any added advantage except speed. They do not make you more accurate and in that manner they are nothing but tools; like all tools they too require a learning curve.

Providing you the learnings along the curve is what we have designed the power tool class for. You will learn how to use, and use comfortably, the common power tools and, using them; create nearly anything. Woodworking with Power tools is a companion to the Introduction to Woodworking, one complements the other to give you a complete image of the depth and breadth of woodworking.

This class is for you if you wish to make quickly, converting ideas to designs to finished objects in quick time. It is for you if you wish to use and control some pretty powerful and dangerous power.

But if you, like our chief Viren, wants to work with the wood by touching, smelling and loving it using nothing but handtools, then you should master power tools to quickly build more tools which will help you be more accurate and effective with those hand tools. At least that's what he claims ;)

We have 1 power tool class in a month.

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