Your Project (You think it, you build it)

A lamp, a bookshelf, a crib and a rocking horse, all have one thing in common; someone dreamed up the project and we helped them build it. This is what we at V for Wood call 'Your Project'. 

You think of a project, and come to us. We then apply our skill and years of experience to help you with this project. Guiding you through the dimensions, joinery, design of the piece and the buying of the wood. Then the fun begins, you will work with us, (actually we stand by and make you do stuff, so you will work!) to cut, plane, chisel, saw and generally shape the lumber into the final piece. 

You will be guided in the use of the hand tool and the power tools as we see fit and you will use very many techniques to get to your goal. Questions are very welcome and learning on the job is most welcome.

The finished piece will be a product of your hands alone and yours will be the pride and bragging rights that come with such an accomplishment.


You will be charged Rs. 500 for the use of the space and the tools. Consultancy fees can be anywhere between Rs. 1000 to Rs. 3000. Depending on how complex the project is and who is your guide. You will be charged separately for material.

Typically, for a 6 day project, you will need a guide for 2 days. Students of ours typically don't use a guide and of course you may want a guide each day. This is entirely up to you.

So contact us and lets collaborate and make your dream project.