Basic Woodworking Short Course

Basic Woodworking Short Course

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'V for Wood' invites you for a Short course on Basic Woodworking.

The Basic Woodworking short course is a one of a kind woodworking course where we take perfectly good newbies who know nothing about woodworking and turn them into perfectly good woodworkers who can dream about making boxes, picture frames, dining chairs, coffee tables, and huge cabinets.

What will you learn

  • Understanding wood as a material.
  • Getting a know-how on different types of woods, especially the ones found in Mumbai and get practical tips on how to buy them.
  • Wood joinery- A skill that will help you build sturdy and long-lasting furniture. Learn about different types of joints and their uses.
  • Advanced joinery - Understand your basic carpentry tools; The more you understand and befriend your tools the better the quality of your work and your joints will be.
  • Learn about various finishes and varnishes to bring your wood to life.
  • Woodworking with power tools - From Basic and safety to advanced building with jigs.

How long is the course

  • The course comprises a set of sessions, over a month.
  • Each session is either on a Saturday or Sunday
  • Classroom sessions are typically 3 - 4 hours in duration
  • Hands on sessions are a day long

Who is this course for

  • A novice woodworker.
  • Anyone who has never done woodworking.
  • The intent of the course is to leave you with enough assurance that you can walk into a wood store, buy wood, design a piece of furniture or any other object and actually build it.

What are the course fees and which session is coming up

You really should go over to the Woodworking Short Course schedule to know which session is coming up. Payment details can be found in the individual sessions.

 In addition to learning woodworking you will also be working with a group of strange, crazy, fun people. The hands on sessions admit just 6 participants who are all obviously like minded. The classroom or gyan sessions can accomodate more. These may be architects, interior designers, teachers or the next furniture manufacturer it doesn't matter, each brings a flavour to the course and makes each course unique.

So if you feel like maybe woodworking is your thing, then this is the first step. Learn more about V for Wood over at About Us.

If you have any queries please contact Us