Make your own hand bound books

Make your own hand bound books

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Boianté invites you for a workshop where you will learn some of the treasured secrets of bookbinding. Walk in and rest assured that you will complete the course with one notebook and perhaps two, plus a whole lot of happiness. Yes, bookbinding can make you happy.

The intent of the workshop is to enable you to distinguish bindings when you pick up a book. And to understand the reasons why a particular binding has been selected. You will aslo be able to make your own books and have fun making more!

What will you learn

  • The basics of working with paper.
  • A walkthrough of different styles of bookbinding.
  • How to use the basic bookbinding tools.
  • How to make a hand bound notebook

How long is the course

  • 1 day
  • 11 am to 4 pm.
  • All materials are provided just bring yourself.

Who is this course for

  • Anybody above 16 years of age is welcome.
  • Absolute beginners who have little or no exposure to bookbinding but just want to make something with their hands.

What are the course fees and when is the next class

Please contact us for course fees and the upcoming class for which there are seats available. Do mention that you are interested in the basic bookbinding workshop (BBW)


If you feel that bookbinding is your thing then this short workshop is the perfect place to get started. And then eventually go on to rule the world. With happiness of course.

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